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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Saturday June 24th Cream Teas 2017 Raising Money for MS #MSSociety

Its nearlly time for our charity Cream Teas again
Join us on Saturday 24th June 12-5pm in our lovely outside coffee courtyard for an afternoon of cream teas.
Cream teas are free but donations all go to the MS Society

Monday, 12 June 2017

Flowers for Summer Choose Salvias

Salvia Amistad is simple brilliant for filling summer gaps in your border.Its substantial filling about a meter and it will flower profusely all summer. The flowers are a striking rich deep purple blue.

Friday, 2 June 2017

June Gardener's Calendar

June is a month to be enjoying the garden but with a little bit of care and some snipping and deadheading you can keep those flowers going often into late summer

Summer Shiners In The Garden This June

This is such an easy subject because June is the month which has the most abundance of colour. It’s all about Flower Power.

Geranium Blushing Turtle

A Hebaceous Border In June

Take a walk through my garden this June

Roses For Difficult Places

Roses are not solely limited to the sunny spots of the garden. That is not to say they do not prefer a reasonable level of sunlight. What important to us in our own gardens is where varieties can survive. 

Harlow Carr

The magnificent David Austin roses on the Nursery are largely varieties of shrub roses bred from old roses and modern roses (hybrid tea and floribunda types) to make English roses. Modern roses became increasingly popular at the end of the 19th century almost to the exclusion of old roses. It wonderful that they have been revived so sucessfully.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Open Today

Open Every Day

May/June every day from 8.30am - 7 pm 
Coffee shop open until 4.30pm. Cyclists welcome.

Late Opening begins on the 1st May and extends to the 30th June when gates are open until 7pm. In July 8.30am-5.30pm

We do have A huge selection of home grown bedding plants ready for sale 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Workshops Making Hanging Baskets

For the past two weeks we have been busy in the evening making hanging baskets.  Everyone arrives atfter closing at 7pm with there old baskets and we spend the evening filling them with fresh bedding. We take time to demonstrate and look at new varieties and colours available this year. At the end of the evening you get to take a lovely basket home you have made.
Join our Garden Club for further information and updates on events at the Nurseries.
This event can be booked privately for Gardening Groups and WI 's.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

How to make a Summer #HangingBasket

Relaxed workshops where you make up your own basket. Refreshments and an easy going atmosphere. Charge only for plants and materials used 

How To Make Up Your Summer Basket 

How To Make A Summer Hanging Basket

Here are some step by step photos of us making up a basket
There are different ways of potting up baskets and we don't always follow the same pattern but here is one Peter made up.
 You will need:

Friday, 19 May 2017

Rosy Hardy Talks about Cottage Garden Perennials in June

Rosy Hardy,always an inspiring speaker the owner of Hardys Cottage Garden Plants in Hampshire, is going to talk to us about the plants she stocks and the ones she takes to display at The Chelsea Flower Show. She will then show us how to create a display for Chelsea.

Tuesday 20th June 2017 10.15am to 1.30pm To include a packed lunch. £25
Currently booking in the shop or on 01280 848038 booking also on line from Tuesday next week along with all our talks and events.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Summer Bedding Colour for Baskets, Containers and Borders for 2017

Here is a quick taster of some of the very first flowers to emerge this May reminding us there are always new lovely colours and varieties of bedding  to delight us in our summer baskets borders and containers each year.

Note we are open late until 7pm through May and June every day.
Workshops start this week

Calibrachoa trio white blue rose
Triple colours growing together and thriving in one pot of this trailing calibrachoa.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Planning a Perennial Border Workshop

A great workshop with Annette head Gardening tutor from Waterperry.

Investigating anchor plants in a garden

Friday, 7 April 2017

April Gardener's Calendar

Here our are are some ideas of what you could be getting on with in the garden this month.

Plant Thugs Make Useful Ground Cover

Though we all complain about some plants we do actually need a few thugs. These are plants that will survive in more restricted positions where others would perish. They can populate a bit of rough ground ahead of the weeds or tolerate parched dry soil. There are numerous quiet tolerant plants but true thugs  are a category to pin down and often unexplored. There are extremes of dry and extremes of shade. The difficulties a plant may have to tolerate in a one gardeners interpretation of shade or dry I find vary a great deal. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Early Vegetables #vegetablegrowing

What Vegetables can we plant now
Home grown produce does not have to mean a big allotment and lots of work.
Why not grow a few things you enjoy potager style in your borders. 
See availability list below.
Anyone listing to Monty this week should be rushing to plant parsnips, raddishes and seed their tomatoes. There is a little more you can do!

 Veg Growing Workshop 15th April 2017 available to everyone call or book on line.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mother's Day Gifts

Traditionally a time for primrose baskets. Shrubs such as daphnes, magnolias, camellias and lilacs also make lovely gifts. It doesn't have to be a plant and as we are beginning again in the garden something from the potting shed may be perfect or just a lovely gift from our shop.

This year we have a full programme of creative and gardening workshops ideal to give as a surprise to Mum in one of our pretty workshop gift cards.

More >>

Sunday, 19 March 2017

How to #Grow Your Own #Vegetables

Veg Growing Workshop 15th April 2017 available to everyone call or book on line.

The nutritional value of the crops we grows far exceeds which we buy from the supermarkets for this reason alone it is well worth producing a few thing yourself.
I can argue what you grow yourself tastes so much better than what you buy from large stores.
You can save some money growing expensive things like fennel bulbs, asparagus, artichokes and even cut and come again leaves.

Here's A Little 'Grow Your Own' Made Easy!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Preparing For Mother's Day #Mother'sDay #MotheringSunday ]#MothersDayGifts

Spring is Blooming! And Its Nearly Mother's Day!
Some of the first things that hint its spring here are the big Queen Bees. Its personified here at the Nurseries because we have such a vast array of plants compared to the average garden. We have had quiet a few buzzing round this week.They come out of hibernation and are ravenously bumbling around for good sources of nectar. Hellebore's, primroses and the hazel catkins are perfect for them as are the flowering currants and pussy willows. All these early sorces of food provide the spring interest that makes them excellent not only for bees but also for Mother's  day gifts. Like most Mothers they are particularly drawn to our hellebore beds.

Whilst we are mentioning wildlife do not light any old bonfire stacks yet. The hedgehogs are still returning and sleeping in them through the day. If you see a hedgehog its probably in trouble.

Mother’s Day Primroses Our The Traditional Gift But There Are Some 
Perfect Shrubs For Gifts
Where would we be on Mother’s Day without a few pretty primroses. Perfect to plant in a dainty spring basket and give to Mum. Most of us can’t resist at least a handful of the colourful hybrid varieties in our pots and tubs planted with dafodils and other spring plants.

Mother's Day Containers make the best Gifts

We've been busy making pretty containers with primroses, anemones and spring bulbs like miniature daffodils, iris and hyacinths for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Primroses

Mother’s Day Primroses
 Mother’s Day always requires a few pretty primroses. Perfect to plant in a little spring basket and give as a gift to Mum. We are drawn to the vivid hybrid varieties and I find most of us can’t resist at least a handful of the colourful varieties in our pots and tubs.

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